An Aid to Web Surfing

The most entertaining activity that most people do is the internet surfing and this is usually accomplished with the help of software applications such as a web browser. It enables the system to identify, search, locate and put on view a particular document that contains information that the user desires in a research. It somehow allows the user to gain access on the World Wide Web and enjoy many of its features and contents. Also, there are numerous online stores available such as gadgets, designer ties, shoes, and even pets.   A Web address for a certain website is unique; therefore, it is impossible for a user to be in the wrong site when the exact address has been encoded on the address bar.


The advent of web browsers started when the Internet was still beginning to gain popularity among users. It was in February 26, 1991 that the “WorldWideWeb”, the first web browser, was released. Many were confused with its name interchanging it with the World Wide Web System and later renamed to Nexus to avoid further confusion among users. When the internet was initiated to the public, a graphical browser was introduced in 1993 named Mosaic1.0. It was then the beginning of the outburst of internet usage. A year after, the first profitable web browser was released, the Netscape Navigator1.0, which was developed by a former Mosaic lead software engineer. The Netscape Navigator was basically influenced by Mosaic1.0 and it became the most utilized web browser during that time. On August 1995, a new web browser was introduced to the public by Microsoft, the Internet Explorer1.0 along with its Windows 95 operating system. One year after the release of the first Internet Explorer, a brand new web browser joined the competition among the browsers, Opera, but it did not become as popular as the browsers before it. In the 21st century, several modifications have been made to the previously released web browsers. Internet Explorer 8.0, Google Chrome, Firefox 2.0 and Opera10 were some of the latest web browsers available nowadays and competition among them is stiff with users having their own opinions about a certain browser.


There are many features in a web browser that makes it a useful tool in browsing. Every web browser has an available search engine that makes browsing to be just easy. This application is important in making searches when one is unable to identify the proper address of a certain webpage. The user can simply access a document by only typing keywords of a desired topic and then a list of related topics will appear and the user can choose from the suggested topics making research easier and effective in comparison to book research. A search can only be made possible with an internet connection and the faster the connection, the faster a web browser can provide a user with its functions. Another way to make sure browsing is fast is to check the type of modem used and the amount of information that can be transmitted at a given time. Browsers also carry along other components such as allowing users to open their emails and read on the latest trends and current events around the world. Users are also able to make a number of searches by opening tabs without closing previous relevant searches. A user also has the capability to choose a default home page which automatically displays every time a user is browsing through the web. Other web browsers are equipped with pop-up blockers that prevent unnecessary windows from appearing in the middle of a search. The user has the discretion, whether to allow a window to be opened or not. Other features include a quicker revisit to previously opened sites through a directory of chosen relevant and important websites. Web browsers can also allow the user to add additional features by downloading from the internet for the users’ convenience. There are times when the user is unable to open a page most especially if the traffic is heavy within a network and some images and texts cannot be displayed; the user can simply click on the reload option which is another feature of a web browser. The user can also block malicious websites that might be harmful to the computer and can group websites that are considered to be secured for safer browsing in the future.


Indeed, web browsers are important tools in the utilization of the internet since without these tools it would be impossible for the user to make quicker and easier browsing to certain documents on the web. There are many free downloadable web browsers in the internet, and it’s up to us to decide, which will fit our taste and, which is easier for us to navigate.