Web Races

News's websites are one of the most popular sites being read daily on the Internet. All the biggest newspapers, television networks and news agencies have their websites, and they compete for every second of advantage that they can get to post the latest news from politics to sports to lifestyle and show business.

However, just like many other websites these days, they compete with thousands of others for the eyeballs of Internet readers. Aside from competing with other news websites in terms of the quality of their content, the race is also on design of the website and the quality of the interface.

More than being an online version of a newspaper, news websites have launched into great design and functionality, portability in order to draw more readers. In effect, the battle of the news websites is similar, if not tougher than the different battles being fought by other website categories competing for the attention of Internet users. As everyday activities shift online and more people being linked to the web, how the advertising and revenues and subscription payments will be divided among the thousands of websites online is a matter important for business survival.

There are several categories in the design of news websites that make some stand out from the rest. The first and most important is the ability to post the latest news the fastest. The advantage of the Internet is never shown better than this. With thousands and millions of people online, news websites can deliver the news the moment it happens. That is real essence of news – the freshness, the new-ness of the NEWs.

Another aspect is the potential for multimedia. Newspapers have still photos and long explanations in text. TV has a few seconds of flash news but no deep context. In great news websites, text, perspective, context and attention grabbing video, voice and graphics can be combined in one medium.

One advantage of successful news websites is interactivity. People can ask, answer and discuss the pressing issues of the day real time and with people from all over the world. A letter to the newspaper editor will get days if ever it is published. A letter to the TV station manager will most likely never be read. However, a comment and an opinion from an ordinary citizen can be posted in a news site and every person online, from a company CEO to students in a university library will read that opinion.

The race for great website design is no longer a race for trophies and accolades. It is a race for attention and loyalty of readers. It is a race for advertisers who would want to tap those readers. And this is not better exemplified by news websites who must continually improve and innovate as their advertising is their lifeline.