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With the presence of a lot of websites in the internet, getting a lot of traffic to your website or ensuring that your webpage would be visited is one of the major concerns of website owners, nowadays. Thus, different ways have come up to ensure that the website will often be viewed and one of these is through search engine optimization. This is a way of internet marketing to guarantee that your site will rank high in different search engines and thus, get the viewing optimization you need. Others usually pay search engine optimizers to do this while others can do this on their own.

Here’s how to build up the search engine optimization of your site.


    • A good name puts you on top


A very important way to gain traffic to your site is to have a good domain name. Different domain names have been used such as dot org, dot info and dot com but the most common ones being used by people is dot com. Another important thing to consider is to have a domain name that’s directly related to your site.


  • There’s a key in the keywords

When people utilize the search engines, they usually type a word or phrase of the topic that they’re looking for, thus it’s very important that the name of your site is search friendly. The titles of the topics in your site should be simple and should be the ones that are going to be used often in topic searches. Avoid using complex words. It’s also a must to consider that the keyword is often repeated in the article without overdoing it. This would be easier for search engine robots to detect this word and would help your site in gaining higher ranks in search engines. Make sure that you will be able to utilize your keyword to work around your website. You can also use tools to check how often your keywords are being searched and to compare this with other keywords that are similar in nature.


  • It pays to have substance

Aside from the title, the use of the keywords and the site’s name; another very significant factor in search engine optimization is the content of your site. The more relevant your contents are the more advantage you’ll gain in SEO. So make sure that all of your topics and contents are synchronized with each other.


  • Linked it up

Though having lots of links might give you the impression that you’ll rank higher in search engine optimization, well you’ve got it all wrong. Having links that are applicable to your site will help you optimize search engine results while having lots of unrelated links will just be considered by search engine robots as trash and won’t let you gain any leverage.


  • Place a sitemap in your site

One search engine optimization technique being done by optimizers is to have a sitemap in your website. This would help you submit your site directly to Google and can be of no cost since there are free sitemap generators out there.

  • Don’t do the “black hat” but go for the “white hat”

Other SEOs utilize keywords by placing them in the background of the website to optimize their ranks in search engines or otherwise known as the “black hat” strategy. Though this might be advantageous for sometime but later this can be detected by search engine software or robots and can get you blacklisted from search engines.  So, play it fair and do the “white hat” strategies such as the use of keywords, links and a good domain name.


  • Compare and contrast

You might be wondering why search engine optimization works out for other sites. Try to visit their sites and compare the highlights and the lowlights that your site have been doing. After which, you can use them to work to your advantage.

Search engine optimization may not seem as simple but may require an in-depth knowledge and training but the benefits that you can reap from learning and doing it on your own can be tremendous. It can be your optimized shield against malicious SEOs.